Paper Submission

We sincerely invite you to submit a paper to the ICMST-Shenzhen 2016.
The following guidelines have been prepared for all authors, which provide the steps for the on-line submission.

1. Scope

ICMST-Shenzhen 2016 provides a forum for developing and advancing useful science and technology for the maintenance of nuclear power plants and associated nuclear fuel cycle facilities, which are composed of mechanical, electrical, I&C and civil SSC (Systems, Structures and Components). Papers are solicited in the areas of "Reactor Materials for Reliable Nuclear Systems (Aspects of the Entire Fuel Cycle)", " Corrosion, Fatigue and Failure Modes of Nuclear Materials", " Radiation Effects of Neutron and Charged Particles in Materials", " Advanced Maintenance Technology in Sustainable Society", " Safety Enhancement Program in the Post-Fukushima Age", " Risk Assessment of Nuclear Power Plants", "Inspections of Nuclear Power Plants " and "Maintenance and Repair Technology for Ageing Nuclear Plants ", “Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants”, “Education and Training for Maintenance”, “Other Maintenance Related Issues and New Technology in Nuclear Power Plants”. Please select technical area by referring to the examples of keywords shown in the link below.
Scope of ICMST (Keywords of Technical Areas)

2. Paper Submission

Paper submission consists of the following two steps.
1. Short paper submission
2. Full paper submission

3. Instructions for Oral and Poster Presentations

Instructions for oral and poster presentations are here.